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CyberHub engage is the thought leadership and community engagement arm of CyberHub USA.


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#31 Menny Barzilay - The current war is a cyberwar

Special guest Menny Barzilay - Former CIO of Israeli intelligence, CEO of Forty Two Global joined us in the studio post CyberHub Summit. So much valuable information was shared. This is a must listen to episode for everyone.

Automation in cybersecurity

Brian Lozada gives his answer to the question of how and where is automation appropriate in cybersecurity

CISO: getting the budget you want

Brian Lozada gives advice on the best way to get a budget as a CISO

Top 3 priorities for the new CISO

Brian Lozada has successfully entered 3 organizations as the CISO. In this clip he gives his advice on best practices when taking on the role.

Managing security in a creative industry

Brian Lozada recalls his experience in implementing security in a creative workforce

#30 Brian Lozada - From Startup to Enterprise: The CISO

Brian Lozada - CISO for ZocDoc tells his professional story while giving advice and injecting his position on a variety of topics related to cybersecurity and the role of CISO.

#23 Justin Daniels - Friends chatting about cyber

James Azar visits Justin Daniels - Partner at Baker Donelson and Founder of Cybercon for a discussion over a broad range of cyber topics from cyber law to blockchain.

TOP 3 priorities as a new CISO

Nir Valtman - CISO at Kabbage, Inc discusses the hurtles a CISO will encounter during when joining a new organization

#27 Nir Valtman - CISO's are in sales because of him

Nir Valtman - CISO at Kabbage, Inc discusses his experience as a CISO in the global market

NCCIC: Do cybersecurity better

John Felker Director, National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center joined the podcast to discuss Info sharing vs info exchange, How NCCIC can help companies and where NCCIC is going - plus more

Georgia: The Cyber State

Randall Toussaint Senior Project Manager at the Georgia Department of Economic Development joined us to discuss cybersecurity in the state of Georgia - It's educational opportunities, the ecosystem and the cyber powerhouse it has become.

Public Sector Challenges For The #CIO

Kirk Talbott Former CIO of Lake County Illinois discuses where he encountered the most difficult challenges in the public sector as a CIO

The #CIO Position - Public Vs Private

Kirk Talbott Former CIO of Lake County Illinois discuses key difference in CIO position between public and private sectors

Grandma's Salsa & Cybersecurity Development/Market

Kirk Talbott Former #CIO of Lake County Illinois gives a brilliant analogy about salsa that addresses the disconnect between #cybersecurity #development and #market needs.

#26 Kirk Talbott - Injecting private sector logic in the public sector space

Kirk Talbott Former #CIO of Lake County Illinois discuses his experience as a #CIO in both the public and private sector and the challenges both landscapes face. 

#22 Jorge Fernandez - Atlanta's growing international footprint

Jorge combs through different topics surrounding Atlanta, their international identity, business ecosystem and their focus on #cybersecurity.

60 Seconds of Cyber 8/28/2018

A teenager from Melbourne, Australia, managed to break into Apple servers and downloaded some 90GB of secure files, including extremely secure authorized keys used to grant login access to users, as well as access multiple user accounts. After analyzing the seized equipment, authorities found the stolen data in a folder called "hacky hack hack." At Apple's request, authorities did not disclose details regarding the methods the teenager used to hack into its secure servers, though investigators said his ways "worked flawlessly" until the company noticed.

60 Seconds of Cyber 8/27/2018

If you do not know yet, Instagram was hacked earlier this month by a Russian group. They can see all account details, messages, photos and post as you. Don’t forget to enable two factor authentication for your account if you haven’t already otherwise you might be next.


CyberHub Engage James Azar and Managing Partner at CyberHub Academy Geoff Hancock discuss the new directive by President #Trump on cyber security.

CISO Strategy To The Insider Threat

David Nolan - Director of Information Security - Aaron's, Inc gives his approach and best practices against malicious and accidental insider threats. #BlockChain #CorporateEspionage #IntellectualProperty

Get Hired In Cybersecurity

Looking to break into the #Cybersecurity field? This clip provides direct insight from the #CISO on new hires.

#CISO Challenge - Hiring The Right Team

David Nolan - Director of Information Security - Aaron's, Inc shares his advice on what pipelines to navigate and what skill set to look for when hiring in #cybersecurity as well as how getting involved in your #community can leverage those pipelines by creating awareness and brand recognition.

#19 David Nolan - Hiring The Right Team In InfoSec

David Nolan - Director of Information Security - Aaron's, Inc shares his wisdom on putting together the right cybersecurity team, where to look and what to look for.

The CISO's First 90 Days

David Black – CISO of SiteOne gives us the run-down of getting started as a #CISO. Assembling #security teams, evaluating #technologies & Building #frameworks

#18 David Black - Successful Relationship Between The #CISO And #CIO

David Black joined the #podcast to discuss the successful relationship between the #CISO and #CIO

It takes a cyber village

Eric Browning gives us his short list of cyber influencers and advice on staying cyber sharp

Government's role in Cybersecurity

Eric Browning gives us his opinion on the role the government should take in the cybersecurity space.

Accessing markets in regulated spaces

Eric Browning's take on creating value in the CISO role so that the position is regarded as an investment and not as a red tape expense.

#16 Eric Browning - In the Cyber Trenches

Eric Browning joined the podcast and covered many valuable topics any CISO would find valuable. Ranging from Creating a team to protect Data to BigData architecture.
Also discussed: @Azure @awscloud  @defcon @DerbyCon @HackingDave @strandjs #AccessKeys #RouteAccount #QualityAssurance #LogManagment #infosecdoc #HIPA #GDPR #247Ai

What Is Your Worst Day?

Ken Foster discusses common hurdles for the CISO and the challenge of aligning your action plan from your cybersecurity capabilities to the business strategy.

#15 Geoff Hancock - Cyber deterrence policy

Round 2 with Geoff Hancock in back2back discussions. We talk cyber deterrence policy, the reliability of forensics when tracing cyber attacks and cyber proxy gangs.

#14 Geoff Hancock - What makes a cyber expert?

CyberHub Academys Managing Partner and Chief Trainer Geoff Hancock joined us to discuss the attributes of a cyber expert and the current international environment of Cybersecurity.

#13 Ken Foster - The CISO Insight

We sat down with Ken Foster of First Data and discussed the challenges a CISO encounters. Ken shares his InfoSec experience, how it applies to the private sector and gives his evaluation of some of the cybersecurity technology on the market.

Karen Zalcberg. CEO And Founder Of CyberHub

Karen Zalcberg, CEO of CyberHub, tells her story of how she started CyberHub.

Karen Zalcberg, CEO Of CyberHub, Explains How Cyberattacks Take Place

The human factor is the leading cause of cyberattacks. The lack of awareness of cyber threats is the reason many businesses are impacted by threat actors today.

Mistakes Businesses Make After Cyberattacks

Kevin Peterson explains what businesses do after a data breach that is entirely wrong.

Several Things A Smart City Must Have

Patricia Giesler describes her plan to bring cyber security to Newport to advance it further to a smart city. She explains how an unsafe smart city cannot exist.

What Can You Do To Help Secure Our Critical Infrastructure

To protect our critical infrastructure from a cyberattack, we must work together to be aware of the threats we face and how they might harm us. Once there is awareness, we can focus on creating a solution.

Why Aren’t There Any Smart Cities In The US?

Smart cities are proven to work so why don’t we have them in the US?

Gas Pipeline Hacked

Recently a Texas gas pipeline was hacked, information gathered on how much gas was being transported. Find out why this is important on this podcast!

These Quick Practices Could Save Your Business From A Cyber Attack

Businesses don’t like to address breaches because it is bad for business. Many businesses look at ransomware as risk/reward. Is it worth paying ransomware to get data back?

Are The Hackers Already In Your Computer

On average, a hacker is in a computer for 206 days before being discovered. They have over 6 months to do as they wish before one takes action. Are you a target? Are they already in your computer?

What Businesses Would Rather Do In A Cyber Breach

Businesses don’t like to address breaches because it is bad for business. Many businesses look at ransomware as risk/reward. Is it worth paying ransomware to get data back?

What Is Your Cyber Liability

Know the risks your business has and what kind of cyber-insurance you need.

Cybersecurity Tips For SMBs

Small businesses are focused on growing the business for its community, but can one hack end it all?

One Issue Your Business Forgets About

Everyone in the company needs to understand security just like safety and harassment. Why can’t security be on the same level as these other company issues?

Was Equifax The Real Victim?

Our elected officials are often not as in tune with cyber threats as we believe. They tend to look at companies who were hacked with contempt, when the companies are the victims.

#12 Wes Knight - The CISO Challenge

We traveled to the Georgia Department of Revenue and spoke with the CISO Mr. Wes Knight about the challenges CISO face and what he does to be successful in his role.


#11 BONUS EPISODE: Geoff Hancock - 6 Things CISO Must Execute!

Back, due to popular demand is Geoff Hancock and this time we are talking to the CISO, Geoff shares 6 points on how CISO can work with the executive team to win them over and get their attention on Cybersecurity and win the budget war desperately needed.

The argument for Cyber Security legislation has many sides so we talk to the CEO of the country's largest and most powerful group of CISO; NTSC's Patrick Gaul about the strategy and where the federal government can play a role.  View in iTunes View in Google Play  CyberHub engage is the thought leadership and community engagement arm of CyberHub USA. Apply to join our group in LinkedIn and Facebook.  Facebook: Linkedin:  Music:  Lost Years - Co

The argument for Cyber Security legislation has many sides so we talk to the CEO of the country's largest and most powerful group of CISO; NTSC's Patrick Gaul about the strategy and where the federal government can play a role.

Episode 9 Paul Wertz - Smart Base, Smart City And Cybersecurity

Paul Wertz joins me this week with so much knowledge that we could cover multiple topics and it would all make sense. We decided to stick to Smart Cities, IoT, Smart Base and Cybersecurity.


Episode 8 Richard - Engaging Cyber Education? Wait... what... GDPR AGAIN!!

This entertaining podcast by CyberHub Engage & Host James Azar with Richard Warner about Cyber education and theres a GDPR argument in there. Download now to listen

Geoff Hancock - Who are the hackers and how do they operate Guest Geoff Hancock PT I

I invited Geoff to join me to talk about his background and experience in figuring out who the hackers are? Why and how they hack companies? 

Geoff is one of CyberHub academy trainers and former Army Special ops and US Army Cyber Command. He also worked with Microsoft and other organizations on Cybersecurity and is involved in the NIST framework among many others project. Catch part I of our conversation.

Episode 6 Marc Cohen - The Cyber difference between Silicon Valley to America - From CyberHub Austin

Marc Cohen joins me while we are in Austin at CyberHub Summit talking the key differences between cyber security awareness in Silicon Valley to the rest of America and what can be done to bridge that cap.

Episode 5 Tyler Johnson - Whats GDPR all about and 3 tips to get ready with Tyler Johnson of Privops

This weeks episode is all about GDPR. We are a month away from enforcement and the world is starting to stress over the new law. Many questions remain about its impact on business and people across the globe. How will it impact SMB's? Can the EU enforce it on US based companies and much more in this weeks episode of CyberHub Engage.

Episode 4 Karin Zalcberg - How my boss became my partner oh and Cyber education

My business partner joins us in a fun episode full of laughs, talking about cyber education and cyber awareness. Don't miss out on this awesome episode that left me laughing for days after.

Episode 3 Kevin Peterson - CyberSecurity Marketing and the breach aftermath - A MUST FOR A CMO

Kevin Peterson of Zecurity Ascent joins us to discuss the critical mistakes brands make after a breach and some of the best practices brands can use to deal when a breach happens. Did anyone say Facebook and Cambridge analytics.

Episode 2 Patricia Giesler - The Smart city cyber threat!

We have all heard about Smart Cities... no one talks about what does it take to secure a smart city. Patricia Geisler from Giesler LLC joins me to talk about the need for security and her very interesting upcoming projects in the field of smart cities and cybersecurity. Make sure to tune in for her big 3 key takeaways.

Episode 1 Ralph Pasquariello - Cyber Liability and what successful brands are doing!

Todays podcast was hosted with Ralph Pasquariello of Snellings Walters discussing cybersecurity insurance liability challenges. Ralph shares key best practices and few hidden nuggets from the cyber liability world that are sure to save you some time and money.